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Rubberband Racing: Lilliput MK86

This is the first car you will be able to drive in Rubberband Racing! I have dubbed this design the “Lilliput”. Since it sounds more professional if you add some arbitrary numbers and letters, it’s full name became “Lilliput MK86″.

Lilliput MK86 Front

Your first picks in the game’s lineup of cars won’t have that many horsepowers yet, I’m saving the the hot rods for later updates. Don’t underestimate it, though, you will be able to set up some decent track records with it.

3D Preview

Below you will find a preview of how the real time model will look like in the game.

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In Rubberband Racing, you will be able to choose between several different colors for the car’s body. The chassis of the car uses 1820 triangles, while each wheel clocks in at 236 triangles.


I wanted to base the first car in the game on two well known small cars: The Mini and the Trabant.

The latter is well known in Germany for it’s meaning to the automobile industry of former East Germany.

The Mini on the other hand is an internationally well known brand of cars. I have used the classic variants as an inspiration for the Lilliput, as opposed to the modern version produced by BMW.

Rally Mini

A Rally Mini, via Wikimedia Commons


The design of the Lilliput follows those of the cars it’s modeled on pretty closely. Especially the lights and the straight, rectangular form are close to the Mini and the Trabant.

The white roof is also lifted from the Mini, where many variants had a differently colored roof.

Lilliput MK86 Above

I have introduced some original quirks into the car’s design, especially the slanted radiator and the backwards tilted rear window. These should make the Lilliput a distinct variation.

Lilliput MK86 Side

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