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Welcome To Max Did It

Well, there we go! This is the first official post on Max Did It! The major features of the page are done, the design is final and everything should be good to go! I'm sure a couple of minor issues will pop up as soon as people actually start to visit the site, but I will tend to them as we go along.

Welcome To Max Did It

On this blog, I want to:

  • present the games and projects I am developing,
  • keep record of the things I've learned and the problems I've encountered on the way there and
  • generally keep you updated on what I'm currently up to professionally.

Where Will You Find Max Did It

I have tried to put a couple of features into this blog to make it more convenient for you to follow me:

  • Make sure to like the Max Did It Facebook page. All the posts on this blog will be linked there.
  • I also have a Google+ Page, add it to your circles, if you like.
  • Follow me on Twitter, I will link blog posts there as well, and maybe tweet more day-to-day stuff there? Still have to figure that out.
  • Subscribe to the general Max Did It RSS feed, or choose one of the category specific ones in the menu on the right hand side bar.


The page itself is available under (which I consider the main address), or, in case you want to bookmark it.

I'd be super happy for anybody who follows me, and gives me feedback in the comments or via mail.

That should be it for the introduction. Now, to boldly go where, at least I, have never gone before...