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Testing Rubberband Racing on Android Devices

Even though I am currently concentrating on developing and optimizing Rubberband Racing for desktop browsers, publishing it to mobile devices is an interesting option that I like to keep in mind.

Before I worked as an independent developer, one of my assignments was to test how fluent Flash games that have been ported to mobile devices ran. At that point, I was introduced to the AIR Development Tool for the first time, which, among other things, allows you to package SWF files as iOS or Android apps.

I fell back on that knowledge in the last couple of days to test how well the game would run on my Nexus 4. And considering that I barely changed or even optimized the desktop version of the game for mobile devices, the answer is: surprisingly well.

Rubberband Racing Title Screen on a Nexus 4

The title screen of Rubberband Racing on an Android Phone. (Click to enlarge)

Below, you will find a video of the game running on my Android phone and some details on how I packaged it.