Max Did It

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About Max Knoblich

My name is Max Knoblich. I am a programmer and game developer with a bachelor’s degree in game design.

Max Knoblich from Max Did It

I have always been fascinated by comics, animation, video games and music and always felt a desire to understand the things that fascinate me.

Gaming consoles and computers have always had a huge appeal to me. To this day I find the worlds and the immersive atmosphere they can create very exciting and do believe that there is not only aesthetically pleasing graphical design, but also elegant game design.

I have drawn pictures of creatures and characters from an early age, depicting the things that probably most boys find interesting, like dinosaurs, railroad engines and space ships. As a teenager, I also began to practice programming and playing the guitar, the former to fulfill my dream of creating my own video games, the latter to become a huge rock star, of course.

My Career So Far

While the whole rock star business hasn’t worked out for me yet, I did successfully start my career in the video game industry by studying game design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin and received my bachelor’s degree in 2009. I liked the holistic approach which introduced me to topics like storytelling, sound design, video editing and has helped me make a lot of progress in regards to informatics and 2D and 3D graphics software.

After a short stint as a graphics artist at trade-a-game (today reBuy), I started to work at binary madness. I was one of the founding members and worked there as a game designer and programmer. The concepts and prototypes I have helped to create at binary madness have been pitched to high-profile companies like Capcom, Konami and Namco Bandai.

After almost three years at binary madness, I moved from Berlin to Hamburg in 2011 to work at Bigpoint, one of the most important browser game developers world wide. There, I have further honed my skills as a developer, this time specifically for the Flash/Flex platform, researching and experimenting with current technologies and providing support to the in-house game teams.

After one and a half year at Bigpoint, I felt confident enough to work on my own projects and ideas and now try my luck with Max Did It.