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firetype is an Open Source library which enables you to use hardware accelerated font rendering in Actionscript 3 and Flash Player 11.

Steps In Using firetype

firetype reads and parses TrueType fonts using the OpenType file format, converts the characters into polygon objects and renders them via the GPU.

You can check out a live demo of firetype here:
firetype live demo

You can find the source code, firetype tutorials and the current version of the firetype SWC here:
firetype on GitHub

Please help me maintain firetype. If you found firetype useful or used it in one of your products, consider making a donation:


Starling Integration

Starling Title Logo

As of version 1.5.1, firetype features a basic Starling Framework integration, which allows you to use firetype as a Starling DisplayObject and add it into Starling’s display list.

firetype Starling integration